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Accomplishments of 2019

  • Continued developing connections with over 37 organizations and agencies throughout Montgomery County, PA.
  • Connected over 46 people with resources throughout the County to assist them with their needs.
  • Reached out to churches in Montgomery  County, PA providing information and connection to resources to assist their Congregations.
  • Provided 2 seminars, one collaborating with Oak Street Health for Seniors in learning how stay safe & active; collaborating with Habitat for Humanity of Montgomery and Delaware Counties for people to learn about the programs offered by Habitat.
  • Assisted 7 families with providing Christmas for their children.
  • We provided support through creating relationships with our guests who needed to talk about the crisis their family was experiencing or the trauma they had suffered in past and is just coming to the surface. 
  • Distributed 30 copies of "The Gospel and the 12 Steps to people suffering with addiction working with us in our Defeat Addiction Program.
  • Collaborated with Life on the Edge group for people suffering with addiction in Pottstown, Pa at New Beginnings Church with providing a Thanksgiving meal to 20 individuals and we worked with the leaders to provide support through the Defeat Addiction Program.

Continuing the Work in 2020

There was much to be thankful to our Lord for 2019

There are so many challenges facing all of us in 2020...

Our neighbors are struggling to keep their home and family together.  In 2019, Public Citizens for Children and Youth came out with a study "Underwater: What's Sinking Families in Montgomery County." stated "A family earning $50,000 in Montgomery County can no longer to expect to cover its costs, struggles to pay its bills and keep its collective head above water." That is a scary statistic. 

Many of the people seeking help are working poor making $30,000 or less and can't make ends meet.  In many cases they don't fit the criteria to receive assistance from a county agency and they can't afford to pay the electric, water or sewer.  Sometimes they missed a few days of work due to illness and now won't have a full paycheck to help pay the rent.  They go to the food cupboard once a month and the food received isn't enough to get through the whole month.

This is our community struggling.  Our neighbors trying to keep it together.  The Hope and Help Network can't do this alone.  We need your help.  If everyone made a small donation to The Hope and Help Network, you will be helping your neighbor and their family keep a stable environment.
Your neighbors need your help.  Your community needs your help in keeping it thriving.

Some of your neighbors need:
We have a Veteran who experienced a fire in his home and needs help to repair the damage.  Homeowner's insurance only goes so far.  We have an 83 year old woman who needs her roof repair.  We have a single, working Mom with 3 children trying to catch up with the rent.  She has a good Landlord but he needs his rent and can only keep carrying her for so long.  We have a disable Mom with 2 kids who needs to move because her apartment has failed inspection 3 times.  We have a disable Veteran in need of permanent housing.  He is couch surfing but it is affecting his health.  We have a man sleeping in his car because he can't afford the 3 months needed to get into an apartment.

Consider Making a Donation Today